Give the Glad Hand…



Few have pushed me as hard as Eric James.  As much as he inspired me, he knew how to nudge me further toward my potential.  This was especially key in my formative years.  Eric has always supported every decision, for better or worse.  I have worked on more films with him then anyone.  We last juggled acting and special makeup FX duties on Slew Hampshire  as well as in the haunted house production Terror Town.  Thus the latter half of my career has been in serious withdrawal of Mr. James enthusiastic charm and skill.


The past eight years have not been the kindest to Mr. James.  Yet, he has remained humble and done his best to continue marching onward.  I’ve always wished for a means to thank him for all he’s done for me.  Though he is not one to accept rewards…

I had been editing Opening the Mind  in secret for three years.  Earlier this Summer, I strategized a surprise screening with his lovely fiancee Mo.  A film that spans 15 years and could finally come to a close.  Thanks to technology pulling full circle.


In 2005, we collaborated on my first two work for hire films back to back.  Return in Red  and The Wickeds.  It allowed me the chance to abandon my 9-5 to complete our little film Opening the Mind.  I had 9 months saved up and my focus was finishing up that movie full time.  Well, my naive enthusiasm on the set of The Wickeds, left me with a broken hand.

As much as I tried, it was impossible to edit with my other hand.  Soon after my cameras broke, followed by my editor itself.  Thus began a long journey to find an end for that film.

On set of Opening the Mind.Opportunity’s continued to fall in front of us.  Before we started anew, we wrapped principle photography in 2006.  But it would be a lifetime before technology would be on my side so I could capture the 80 tapes of footage for our little film.

So here we were, all these years later.  Reflecting on what we had started so long ago.  We discuss a finale in present day, giving us the opportunity to film together once again.  To allow the passage of time benefit the final film…

Then…  BOOM.

Eric and Mo are hit head on in a car accident.  As life often dishes out the irony, Eric’s dominant hand is rendered useless.  Ultimately, needing surgery.  Leaving him without work the remainder of the year and well into 2018.

He has burned through his life savings.  Thus, I am doing my best to finally return a heavy handed thank you to one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege.

Eric’s film Chromebaby  is available in the magGot store along with other festive treats.  These and an open call for donations, will go straight to Eric.  The medical expenses have piled up.  He is available to act, so if you are in need of ‘the most bankable star’  he is on the ready for hire.  Drop a message HERE to get in touch with Eric.

We are using this terrible situation as an opportunity.  As reality pushes you away from your very love, what often seems a massive pothole in the road of life.  Can also be an opportunity to rekindle passions as well as friendships.

It had been far too long since I shared the process of creative creation with Eric James.  Getting to shoot this years 9th annual magGot Christmas Special  was a gift all to itself.  Reminding me just how magical film can be.

I am pulling finances together to shoot with Eric on various other productions.  Feel free to contact me directly regarding these as well as any of the available releases.  I figure as many different ways as we can pull resources together, it’ll help Eric and Mo out immensely.  You can donate directly to Eric in the magGot Store HERE.

The annual magGot X-MAX box is up for pre-sale.  Just one of many opportunities for Eric and us magGot’s to play.

Let’s make 2018 a year to remember…  Thank you!