Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Giovanna Lombardo Radice, an exploitation icon from some of my favorite films, such as “House On The Edge Of The Park” and “Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly)”. Now perhaps I’m jumping the gun (As I did not ask any follow up questions) but it almost sounds like Giovanna thinks there is something wrong with people like me who enjoy a film like “Ferox”. Well perhaps He’s right… I mean something must be wrong with me… Fuck look at me! I mean I’m just your average deity, I put my robe on one arm at a time and fuck x-mas trees like everyone else. Nothing abnormal here. Anyways, Giovanna was kind enough to answer some of my questions… Oh yes and I conducted this interview over 6 months ago… I blame that on loosing the parchment it was written on in the depths of my cave… it’s always something…

What first got you into acting?

I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I had a great passion and the right legs. Unfortunately I had an accident to my back and so I switched to stage acting. Then the movies arrived.

Did you have any training?

No. But I started quite young and learned from experience. Watching other actors, listening to directors.

Is there a role you have always wanted to play?

So many. When I was young I wanted to be Mercutio or Prince Miskin in Dostoijevski The Idiot. I am too old now. But I would love to be Shylock or Iago and Trigorin in The Seagull.

According to Wikipedia, you wish you had never been in ‘Cannibal
Ferox’, is this true? And if so why?

Perfectly true. It’s a stupid, tasteless violent movie, with racism, fascism, cruelty towards animals… Should I add more?

Why do you think films like ‘Cannibal Ferox’ and ‘Cannibal Holocaust’
still have a cult following?

I haven’t seen Cannibal Holocaust, so I can’t talk about that one. As for Ferox I think it titillates the worst in human nature.

After playing a despicable character, do you find it difficult to
shake that mind set?

No, not really. The most extreme the character the wider the distance. It’s roles closer to yourself that tend to stick and sometimes change your life. I wouldn’t have married if I hadn’t played Trevor in Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce.

How did you land your part in ‘The Omen’ remake?

By auditioning with a lady who hadn’t a cue about my horror past. But when John Moore saw the test he recognized me. He is a huge horror fan.

What are your thoughts on Remakes?

As for The Omen, I didn’t see the original, so I can’t tell. Generally speaking they rarely stand to the originals.

What can you tell us about ‘House On The Edge Of The Park 2’?

Not very much. It’s a bit of top secret. Deodato and myself invented a very strong story in which Ricky is out of jail and lost, still haunted by Alex memories. He meets a violent young punk and his sadistic girlfriend and the story seems to repeat itself, but with a very different ending. It’s a project very dear to me and I hope it will come true. Andrew Jones who is the producer as well as screenwriter is very positive about it.

Is this a reunion of sorts for Hess, Deodato and yourself?

Surely, but there’s room for new entries. Working on the story with Deodato was exciting and David is a great friend.

Any other projects in the works?

At the end of October I’ll be in Texas filming with Matthan Harris and then to the Chiller convention. Darren Ward is working on the financing of his new movie, Beyond Fury, where I have a big role. And other more vague projects here and there.

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