David Cronenberg is too badass. I’ve seen a pretty good number of his movies… “The Fly,” “The Brood,” “Naked Lunch,” “Dead Ringers”… The first two have since become two of my favourite movies ever, and “Naked Lunch” is really the only way that the book could have possibly been adapted into a feature film. But this movie shook me up real bad at the end. For any movie to make you question whether or not you exist, it’s got be kick ass.
The movie focuses on a girl named Allegra Geller, who creates a biological, organic video game. You plug into it with a bio-port, an input that you get at the base of your spine, and then everything around you changes. Your life becomes the game. She becomes afraid that her game has been poisoned by so-called “Realists,” in an effort to remove virtual reality games from existence, and her and Ted (Jude Law) spend the movie going further and further into the video game, trying to save it from destruction. Eventually, you’re not sure if anything around them is real, and neither are they.
Now, according to an interview, Cronenberg thinks that vaginas are gross. I can tell. This movie is filled with really strange sexual puns of a sort, mostly the strange moaning sounds people making when getting plugged in, and an incredibly strange scene involving sex with a bio-port. What exactly he’s trying to imply I don’t really know… But the usual creepy Cronenberg “fleshiness” reaches a strange peak in this movie. Put that level of grossness on top of the rape it does to your brain, this movie is as exciting as it is exhausting.
I watched this movie with a group of my friends, bored, and one of them suggested we throw it on. Every single one of us was silent afterwords. We looked at each other with our mouths open, our eyes wide, and one of us said “I’m not even sure I’m standing here right now.”Â  I’ve never seen a movie do that to someone. Apparently “Videodrome” has a similar effect. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. Until I do, “eXistenZ” is the only film I’ve watched that is powerful enough to make someone question their own existence. See if you don’t.