Cthulhu is a movie that I have been hoping to see for a long time. I’ve been a huge fan of HP Lovecraft for a few years now, and seeing the “Cthulhu Mythos”, as it is called, on screen is just plain sweet. It’s done in a way that both stays true to its original source and also becomes more than just an adaptation… It’s a horrific, at times terrifying story into the mind of the greatest horror writer of all time.

For those not familiar: The Cthulhu Mythos is the larger collection of Lovecraft’s short stories, which revolt around a series of gods and their violent indifference towards humanity, which was Lovecraft’s way of showing a) how insignificant mankind is and b) that we try so very, very hard to understand things that we ultimately won’t and can’t. This includes our purpose (which there is none) and the nature of the universe itself.

Now, the two Great Old Ones, as they’re called, that the movie centers around, are Cthulhu and Dagon, but mostly Cthulhu, a sea monster that is trapped in the pacific ocean and which various human cults either worship or, in this case, attempt to bring back. Now, on to the movie.

The movie, based on “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” is about a young gay man that comes back to his home town for his mother’s funeral and finds that a cult has sprung up in Rivermouth (the name having changed). There’s human sacrifices, kidnapping and disappearances, and along the way he reignites an old gay love affair. This gives him two horrors to deal with: Having to come home to a town that hates him for his sexual preference (“I’m the most notorious homosexual in Rivermouth!”) and the new-found one of the cults, sacrifices, etc. Which, if you ask me, is pretty badass.

Now, I’m not usually much affected by horror movies. I’ve seen an ass-load of them in my short time on this Earth, and I’ve become that annoying guy in the theater that stands up and cheers whenever something violent happens on screen (no shame, I tell you). But, to tell a secret? This movie gave me the worst nightmares I’ve had in years! Seriously! I watched it right before I went to sleep, and BAM there was a nightmare about cults and Cthulhu. It was intense. Basically, this movie is surprisingly terrifying. It gives you a nice feeling of claustrophobia, of being trapped, lets on pretty early that everyone is working against him (Russell, the gay man), and then gives you a whole bunch of weird stuff that’s clearly beyond human comprehension (like these weird salamander things in a basement where a kidnapped child is kept) just for good measure. That’s pretty cool.

So, in short, watch this movie, and do it right now. It was intense.