Creatures From a Drawer CD release…

Growing up on monsters and madmen it was only a matter of time until the Italian world of horror swallowed me up. Having a background in music that was a huge part of the puzzle for me. Their scores are famously atmospheric. The name that put a stamp of approval on any Italian film was Goblin… It was as much a household name as any horror director or special effects make-up artist. Publications like Fangoria would name drop and we’d drool over the film, till we could scoop it up. They created rock stars out of these icons of horror and Goblin was at the top of the game. Rarely did a composer reach that same treatment amongst horror fans… they were a rare gem.


Flash forward and everyone and anyone who was lucky enough to be at Shock Stock in 2012… got a rare glimpse in the Great White North to see a live performance by original Goblin members Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini… joined by the incredible forces of Great Bob Scott and Chris Gartner.

I was excited, but had no idea what I was in for. The same can be said for everyone in the room. I was saluting shots with Bill Zebub at the bar and all of a sudden Chris Alexander is announcing Goblin to the stage. I don’t remember the actual journey, but all of a sudden I was front and center stage. My camera was out and I was shaking like an excited 16 year old. I then looked around me and everyone had the same glazed enthusiasm on their faces. Then, I also noted that the crowd was tightly nit like sardines, I have no idea how I got through them. Next thing you know, they take the room over. Spiritual experience is the only thing that comes to mind… BLAM! I momentarily came out of it and looked to my right, then all around me. Everyone I was sharing this with had genuine tears in their eyes. I then feel tears pouring down my own cheeks. Rarely do you get the chance to actually dredge up that magic in such a pure way.

Well… flash forward… and sadly my magGoty plate is too stacked and I am unable to make the journey to Toronto. Maurizio is throwing an official CD release party for his first official solo album TONIGHT. Of course there will be a musical throw down to boot. If you are within reach, you MUST go. You’ll forever regret not having been there and will always hear how incredible it was… If you have not yet read the magGot’s writeup on Maurizio’s album, go to the Lounge HERE.

Having joined forces on The Profane Exhibit, I’ve now the pleasure to join the stage with Maurizio. A true honor. Not only that, but I (as well as my fellow magGot’s) can call him and his lovely lady Cinzia Cabalieri true friends. Some of the kindest folks you’ll ever meet. So not only are you in for a musical takeover (and need to support this important release) but you also get to meet some of the most real people working in our genre. Period.

Order the album HERE.

Hit up Maurizio’s site HERE.

The Facebook events page HERE.


Maurizio Guarini

“Creatures From a Drawer”


Wednesday, June 5th

Doors open at 7:30pm

(Show starts at 9pm)

Tickets are $10 at the door, $25 with CD included.

Lula Lounge

1585 Dundas St. West

Toronto, ON

M6K 1T6



After the live performance, Shock Stock 2012.

After the live performance, Shock Stock 2012.