Chrome Skull: Laid To Rest 2

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)
Directed by Robert Hall.
Written by: Kevin Bocarde, Robert Hall
Starring: Nick Principe, Thomas Dekkar, Danielle Harris, Brian Austin
Green, Owain Yeoman, Angelina Armani.

Right off the bat I love this neo-slasher because the first thing you see is our very own Mr. Ben Tatar on the menu screen. “Don’t be afraid…Touch it!” he says, gesturing to a cadaver. Chromeskull:
Laid to Rest 2 is a sequel that starts exactly where the first left off, ala Halloween 2 (the good one).  Since the first installment director Rob Hall has grown tenfold in the chair. Where the first was
more spastic and tonally uneven, Chromeskull is a solid, well-paced and pondered slashbanger, with the dramatic tension of a Terminator film (makes sense since Hall was involved in the Terminator TV series).

Brian Austin Green whips out his acting junk, absolutely squashing his David Silver reputation, playing the loatheful, almost hulking, overachieving assistant in Chromeskull’s underground thrill kill cult. He’s bent on becoming the next great media murder artist, thinking he could surpass the level of sadism and efficiency benchmarked by Chromey.

This is where the theme of it kinda skews from the old school hack’n’slash formula. Chromeskull is apparently a rich motherscratcher who kills out of pure sensationalism, he won’t even waste a kill when the camera’s not rolling! This is different from the usual modus opperan-DIE (forgive me) of say Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees, who kill out of revenge and mental illness. That puts a little neo-spin on it. Not necessary but….cool!

Other than the killer and the killers assistant, there are also good performances from the victims, ahem, heroes. Danielle Harris and a returning Thomas Dekkar round out the cast in fine fashion.

So let’s get to the killer.  Ex-hardcore screamer Nick Principe goes eerily mute again, returning as the titular character, a graceful, lumbering menace. Not since Kane Hodder have we had such an amazing physical presence in a baddy.  I can’t wait to see this big bastard in a more substantial speaking role. I’ve met him, believe me, he has personality to spare! Somebody cast him NOW.

The FX are the true star of the show as bodies are splayed left and right, up and down, and around and around…”BARRF!” This is some of the greatest mix of practical effects with just a touch of digitals to clean up the seams. This is truly an FX masterpiece for the ages!

There you have it boys and girls. Waited for it, tracked it, even helped out in a teeny tiny way, bought it, watched it…. LOVED IT! Go out and buy this one. It’s made just for us, by folks just like