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Symbolicus flys

The magGot release of Symbolicus is now shipping. All pre-sales have shipped. There is 77 minutes of exclusive content on this release. Including films by prolific artist/filmmakers Nicholas Mears and Ronny Carlsson. As well as commentaries and a conversation with filmmaker Nathan Hine (The Sideling Hill.) The pre-sales will include the Mouths that Kill compilation […]

I Never Left the Crepitus Until Now

21 years ago, on my 21st birthday I completed my first feature. Now In 2021 it has been cleansed. Experience the 2021 Final Cut and the original 2000 cut (only on the initial limited 2 disc.)

Symbols of the Minds Eye is 2020

This past year has been a mountain to climb. Lots in the happenings and not enough time in the day. Yet that moment has come to begin sharing a sliver of that journey. Pre-sales are live for this crazed piece. The first of many oncoming releases and works. Keep an eye on the 24th for […]


Twenty years ago today I completed my first feature film, My Crepitus (aka: I Never Left the White Room.) It was a non stop push from highschool, college and the end roads of this film. Which was a blurry and rocky journey. Here I was in the final week push. Illegally sneaking into the school […]

quar·an·tine of mag•Gots

While the major studios are forced to set back theatrical releases. We in the underground must come together. Support one another. Countless upcoming conventions, festivals, performances…are being canceled or postponed. I know we won’t be attending many planned ones until there is a clear plug on things. Thus, we have decided to make the jump […]

The Minds Are Spreading Wide open

All pre-orders and all else have shipped.  The web store will relaunch at the start of the new year.  Some of these limited editions of Opening the Mind have been saved for when things kick off in 2020.  But it is now time to play catch up on the holidays! Lots more to come. Soon […]

Mr. Ben VS. Christopher Lee

Opening the Mind marks the end roads for the mountain of in-house productions that have weighed me down for most of my adult life. It was just the third time I filmed with Mr. Ben. But it will mark the final feature experience completed of our era of work. Mr. Ben was a portal of […]

Töte Mich Noch Einmal

An exciting addition to the special edition of OPENING THE MIND is the experimental German film, Töte Mich Noch Einmal. Below is a breakdown of the talent involved. Including Thomas Goersch who makes an appearance in OTM as well as The Profane Exhibit. Daniel Hadrović is a writer and filmmaker. He has Croatian citizenship and lives in […]