The Mad Haunter

The Mad HaunterSome nights, when the wind is warm and he doesn’t have to wear a jacket, The Mad Haunter can be seen prowling the streets of Stratford, Ontario, looking for someone who hasn’t been keeping up on his comic book reading. He is said to carry a large satchel, filled with classic sci-fi and superhero stories, wearing a costume that looks strikingly similar to Batman’s. This is, of course, nothing more than speculation.

According to legend, he can sometimes be seen on conspiracy websites revving up His paranoid engine, looking up at the night sky for UFOs and attempting to convince total strangers of the existence of Bigfoot. One man claims that there is, at the very least, one silly screenplay.

“He said it was the silliest thing He’d ever seen in his entire life” said a witness, who asked to remain anonymous.

Speculation will continue further, no doubt, until maybe, someday, we can learn the truth about The Mad Haunter on a midnight Discovery Channel special.

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