The Campy Creep

campy mugshotCampy and his good buddy Tom Colbert grew up eating junk and watching crappy horror flicks. Tom as a teenage filmed various super 8 movies, promising Campy that one day they’d work together. They collaborated on several projects, but none ever saw the light of day. Unfortunely Campy suffered a bad case of Reefer Madness, whispered that he wanted to be a hermit and wasn’t seen for many years. Eventually Tom co-founded Bloody Fun Productions with Michael Schneider. Their first short was titled “Sorry.” During shooting on The Kranny in 1996, Schneider wandered off for bloodier pastures in Zombieburgh. Colbert & Bobb Hart continued to make shorts & edited The Kranny, 45 mins of no-budget horror in 1998. Campy reappeared sometime prior to this, telling Tom that he was “only in town for some provisions,” but Colbert felt as if he was still someplace in the shadows, probably stalking him. Before Bloody Fun went into one of many limbos around 1999-ish, Rich Atha & Eric James joined in.

Sometime after, Michael Schneider had some work that Colbert wasn’t comfortable about doing, so he ventured into the woods to find his old friend the Creep. Colbert found him in a cave surrounded by bones of various rodents & worn out porno mags. He finally got Campy to leave with a promise of a hot bath & an order of nachos. Campy did various projects for Scheider, growing very fond of Mikey. Campy’s last work with Schneider, now known as magGot, was for The Meat Socket‘s “magGot Corner.”

When not doing projects for Mikey, like now, Campy sits in a dark corner brooding, but occasionally bursts into strange dance numbers & writes bios as someone else! Campy Lives!

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