Ryan ‘Skeeter’ O.Neil


Ryan is a musician and horror movie guru from Toronto, Canada. He is a film soundtrack composer and a member of rock outfits Red Bastard Brewery, Curses!, Nocturn, Torso, and Team Sh!tstorm.

While lounging with his gal pal Lisa Hamilton at a Horror Media Convention in Cleveland OH many moons ago, a long-haired rockstar looking sketch approached the duo with a question: “Uh, this may sound strange, but did you guys see a one-legged man come through here?”

Ryan replied: “No, but there’s an ass-kicking contest at the end of the hall, perhaps you should check there first.” For the rest of the weekend they were nearly inseparable.

Flash forward some decade and a bit later, Ryan O.Neil and that sketch Michael Todd Schneider have maintained a close creative bond, consistently collaborating on each others music and film projects. Ryan looks forward to many more decades of creating caustic art as a member of the MagGot Family, as a Composer, Writer, and Producer.

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