requiem performing with a theremin, keyboards, and noisemaking devices

In 1996 David Graham started requiem with no concept, goal, theory, or theme. The music came first, the title second. The accumulation of his first efforts ended in the release of no solace in 1997. He was soon immersed into the growing scene of experimental acts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David played his first show, of many, at the now defunct Millvale Industrial Theater. Opening up for acts such as KK Null, Kaffe Matthews, Cerebrus Shoal, and The Shalabi Effect was a humbling learning experience as he experimented with different live setups and collaborated with various other artists on stage. After releasing unrequited in 1998, David was asked to join the Pittsburgh industrial act Hedra. Heavily influenced by the Swans and Godflesh, Hedra provided a perfect outlet for the harsher elements of requiem’s music. While in Hedra, he continued to compose as requiem and released illumine and beyond the shadow of angels in 2001. Hedra split shortly after and requiem focused on his next release, entitled recluse. While he worked on recluse, Pittsburgh promoter Manny Theiner compiled and released Circuits of Steel, a double CD compilation featuring 30 Pittsburgh electronic music artists. In support of the CD a tour was booked for the summer of 2002. Requiem was on the southern leg of the tour. Released in 2002, recluse showed an expansion in the requiem sound that was influenced by his time spent in Hedra and included a bonus live CD recorded while on the Circuits of Steel tour.

requiem 2

After the crescendo of the Circuits of Steel tour and CD release, the Pittsburgh experimental scene was being flooded with an outburst of activity. With more acts performing idm and breakbeats, there was less space for the “isolationist” form of music requiem was producing and David became frustrated with the scene. In 2003 a band began to form between David and Pittsburgh noise artist Manherringbone (Bob Saunders). In time the line-up would include ex Creation is Crucifixion guitarist Ryan Unks, bassist Tom Phillips, and would be called The Actuary. This project lasted only a year and was a reminder to him of the complexity and drama that a band ignites. With The Actuary behind him, he would set out to create a new requiem release entitled bête noire. Bête noire is a meditation on one’s own mortality and the miniscule part we all play in the time we have. David continues to perform and record as requiem, refusing to be pigeonholed into one genre: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Post Industrial, Electronic, Metal, Psychedelic, Neo Classical, Noise. . . Not one of these, but all, can describe requiem.

While destroying ears at a show, David met up with ex-Hedra bandmate m kadath and magGot Films’ Michael Todd Schneider and Nikki McIntyre. After trading work, David soon performed an intense score for The Night It Happened, an elaborate film for a series of shorts featured on the CD-ROM magazine The Meat Socket. MagGot Films’ up and coming films, …And Then I Helped, Let’s Make a Horror Movie, and DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!! will involve an even more elaborate collaboration of requiem’s eclectic abilities.

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