Nathan T. King

Zombie NathanMy name is Nathan King; I was born 25 years ago in a sleepy burgh named Titusville… It used to be a big oil town; Vincent Price was even in a movie about it, now its full of empty storefronts and black hole magnetism. My dad didn’t want kids, but they had me as part of a compromise, after that my dad videotaped me every waking moment. He got me into all kinds of cool stuff, like monster models and famous monsters magazines and black and white films and musical relationships.. I grew up in an old folks home that my dad did maintenance for. I grew accustomed to oddity and mortality, and made up stories about the old creatures cohabitating with me…. I learned to play the piano while watching “Dark Shadows”, and the “Incredible Hulk” on the Scifi Channel and trying to play along with the episodes in the community room before heading off to pre- kindergarten.
I needed counseling in kindergarten because I drew pictures of monsters and blood and people losing their heads. I would never let my parents drive by a graveyard without us stopping and me exploring. Its no wonder… I saw people having seizures, shitting their pants, and bleeding down the halls every day… and Carlyle Vanderhoof screaming bloody murder at his wife who was deaf, and Craig Burdick with the glass eyes, and Brian Lynch who was crippled from the waist down from a motorcycle accident and died of bed sores, and Ruth Anthony who was murdered in her apartment and burnt alive just 4 or 5 apartments down from my fathers… It was graveyards that got me into music… though…

The first VHS tape that I bought with my own money was the 1925 version of “The Phantom of the Opera” when I was 5 years old. My dad told me to look around Fisher Big Wheel and pick out anything I wanted as long as it was approved by him. He said “you wont like it, theres no talking.” I said “I don’t care this is what I want” and the rest is history… I became obsessed with silent films, actually only two; two that I watched until they began disintegrating… The “Nosferatu” soundtrack was playing in the background to my 6th birthday party… The first obsession was with makeup, more specifically from Dick Smiths “Do It Yourself Monster Makeup” The second was with stop motion and The Ray Harryhausen catalogue, the third was with Arnold Schwarzennegger and the fourth was with Metallica.

Nathan KingI bought “Master of Puppets” pretty much in the same way that I did the “Phantom of the Opera” … My dad said pick out what you want… This happened occasionally because of the divorce… He objected sternly but I objected worse and got the tape… It changed my life… By the time I was 6 I had every Metallica tape….

My mom married a Vietnam veteran… Things were tough… I remained interested in film and music throughout my youth going through friends like penny candy… After they came to my house they never wanted to come back… It was never until just before teenage years and discovering TC’s Collectables that things began to change… I got my dads old Ricoh 8mm and began to make short films with friends at school… Most of the friendships at school didn’t last but the massive inspiration from and connection with Tom Colbert lasted throughout my entire high school career. He introduced me to the world of people like me, and the people I wanted to be… He introduced me to the work of Michael MagGot a name that became legend in Titusville.

Between bouts of playing in bands, and perusing various endeavors artistic and not… just growing up; the influence of that world persisted, leading to various collaborations with Tom after Michael’s departure to explore and grow… I may have become a mini-MagGot in some sense… I suppose we are all larvae in some form or another….

Many years of insanity, and musical endeavor, and strange encounter, and familial defunct had passed and then the connection occurred… MagGot we are one somehow… like a train on a track facing nowhere… interchanging, roles… You gave me that ticket, like it was pulled from a dream… Are we the ride, or are we the machine???

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