Mr. Ben

Mr Ben on the set of And Then I HelpedA Pittsburgh native, Ben Tatar is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and the American Theatre Wing School of Drama in New York City.

He has had a varied career in all phases of the entertainment industry including films, stage, TV and radio. His screen credits include acting in such feature films as The Battle of the Bulge, The Wind and the Lion, The Long Duel and Crack in the World.

Ben’s professional stage career began at the Falmouth Playhouse on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he appeared with Billie Burke in The Solid Gold Cadillac and with Dolores del Rio in Anastasia. On his return to New York City he began working with some of the greats of television, including Kate Smith, Jimmie Rodgers, Sam Levenson and Jackie Gleason, becoming Jackie’s personal assistant and stand-in, among other roles. He went to Paris with Mr. Gleason for the filming of Gigot, then garnered a role in the classic war film The Longest Day, playing a German officer.

He then began life in the fast lane in Madrid, Spain where he went with the lovely film actress Ava Gardner to “continue his education in debauchery,” according to the New York columnist Dorothy Kilgallen. After leaving Miss Gardner he decided to remain in Madrid where he acted on screen and then founded a dubbing company called Ameropa, dubbing Spanish films into English. Some of his films were Murder In A Blue World, directed by Eloy de la Iglesia, The Blood Spattered Bride, directed by Vicente Aranda, The Dracula Saga, and Horror Rises from the Tomb.

Since returning to Pittsburgh, Ben has been kept busy acting with the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, as Lester Whyte in the world premiere of Horton Foote’s Habitation of Dragons, City Theatre in Nuts and Glengarry Glen Ross, the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre, the West Virginia Public Theatre and many others. He has also directed numerous plays at the Pittsburgh Jewish Community Center, Open Stage Theatre et al.

In 2002, Ben first worked with Michael Todd Schneider in A Tribute to Sanity. He’s been working with him ever since, in Opening the Mind, …And Then I Helped, Let’s Make a Horror Movie, and “Our Devil’s Night,” magGot Films’ segment for the feature anthology DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!!

He has written a memoir, The Dream Never Dies: an Actor’s Life, and is working on a children’s illustrated book called Plato the Platypus, about a platypus who becomes the hero of the Platypus Olympics. They have yet to be published.

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