m kadath

portrait of m kadath kadath has been creating vicious gore-tronic sounds for many years — with magGot for over 12. They spent the early days four-tracking in a dingy dorm room in the town of the living dead. Kadath labored 5 of those years being banned from various venues while with the industrial noise powerhouse Parvulus Infectus, and another few giving his body a thorough punishing while peddling the tribal-industrial sludge catharsis of Hedra. The final piece of Hedra’s puzzle was added in the form of Requiem, who provided frightening textures to complement the punishing rhythms.

Since the start of the century he’s focused on one-time side project Impercept as well as guesting with Slave Pig, drumming for God and his Bitches, and others. Kadath has lent soundscaping to such magGot films as My Crepitus and A Tribute to Sanity, and too many shorts to count. He worked with Schneider for magGot productions on the soundtrack of Tyler Tharpe’s second feature, Return In Red. His current opus is All Things, and he plays guitar in the Austin psychedelic noise-punk band Nanosmash.

m Kadath will continue his reign of sonic terror on Opening the Mind, Let’s Make A Horror Movie, …And Then I Helped and DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!! and future magGot films, as well as functioning as the resident web lackey and part-time design creature, even as he continues work on his own musical projects.

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