Lisa ‘Kickass’

Lisa KickAss

Lisa Kickass arrived in the big city in 2003 hoping to make her mark on the film landscape, graduating with honours from Seneca College AND Ryerson University, both in Make-Up Special FX for Film. Since then she has worked in the Make-Up FX department on many an indie production, and also spreads her influence as the Programmer of Queen Video: the world’s longest enduring independent video store.


Her influence hasn’t ended there.


Ever since Lisa Kickass laid eyes on magGot’s first feature ‘I Never Left the White Room‘ (then called ‘My Crepitus‘) in the Fall of 2001, she knew that the world needed to see what she couldn’t un-see. In Mikey magGot she didn’t see a piece of the grand puzzle, but the visionary Director that would absolutely smash the expectations and boundaries of independent film. Mikey magGot has since received a steady stream of support from Kickass in the form of tallboy beers and couches to crash on.


Moving forward Lisa is playing a more active role in magGot Films as Key Make-Up FX and Co-Producer, pointing all the important eyes at Mikey’s body of bloody work.



Lisa Kickass has one hell of a blood-curdling horror scream! It can be heard in magGot’s award-winning short film ‘A Tribute to Sanity.’

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