Eric James

Eric James as Adrian Simms in Opening the MindEric James and his good buddy Wes grew up eating junk and watching crappy horror flicks for days on end. They collaborated on several scripts and eventually James met up with Bloody Fun Productions’ Tom Colbert. Colbert and Bobb Hart were completing the edit of the elaborate semi-feature The Kranny while Michael Schneider was attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. James first performed some pyrotechnic high jinks during the completion of The Kranny. Eventually Colbert, James, Hart, Rich Atha and Schneider rammed heads and began work on several films. James collaborated on a feature: The Neighbor Guy and several short films with Bloody Fun Productions.

Eventually it was the gritty splatter epic My Crepitus that established James’ trademark acting chops. The crew jumped into its next feature with James’ action packed zombie munching Chrome Baby. James followed up with his most memorable performance to date as Adrian Simms in magGot films upcoming Opening the Mind. While on Tyler Tharpe’s second feature Return in Red, James worked on FX and acted alongside fellow rednecks Colbert and Schneider.

John Poague’s The Wickeds features James in top notch zombie form. Poague’s third feature, Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon allowed James to not only flesh out his FX gear but perform as a forest ranger with guts. G. Cameron Romero’s The Screening features James as an unapologetic and vengeful security officer. He is starring in Tyler Tharpe’s Bowling Night, the first episode of the double feature DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!! Though acting is Eric James’ main interest, he’s an accomplished FX artist, director, cinematographer, editor and writer. He has several scripts he’s shopping around including Pleasant Valley Nightmare and Out Comes The Evil.

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