Drake Andrew Thomas Muncie

Taken all too early from this world,never to be forgotten.

November 25, 1982 – August 2, 2009

Mike Lambert and I met last June or July of 2008. We quickly hit it off, both of us being media junkies and all. Fast forward a matter of months and I start hearing him praise some actor/director Mike something or another. A couple of weeks later he has some of magGot’s material, then I started paying attention. An unremembered amount of days go by and Mike L. tells me about  …And Then I Helped and the problem of one of magGot’s colleagues moving. I was in a position to help and seeing as how Mike L. gave this twisted group such a positive endorsement, it didnt take too long to get me on board. After getting more familiar with magGot films I am sure of a couple of things. The talent and profesionalism of Mr. magGot and his associates are top notch. These people are able to tap into something very psycho and vividly transfer it on screen.  I’m happy to be a part of this, though my contribution will be on the baser things ( producer) I will contribute when and where I can, for as long as I can.

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