Beyond the Black Rainbow

The Larval Lounge has been an exciting home away from home on for some time now. It has been a chance for our magGot Clan to share their love for the arts. Being smothered beneath a mother load of projects, I have yet to break away and throw my two cents at something here.

The purpose of the Larval Lounge is to show our love for the arts, not piss on them. There are some films that should be seen but are dogged by critics. They are too unique and demand the viewer think for themselves. Especially the ones that don’t have any major stars or players involved that steer an audience at them.

Well, one of these ‘experiences’ has hit home recently. Two viewings in the theater later, I was saturated in pure awe. For the first time since I can remember I sat in the theater and experienced a film that had so much going on, from a crew I hadn’t known. Magnet has backed a limited theatrical run for a very special piece of celluloid.

For God’s sake, run to the theater if it manages to get to your town. Support this film. You will not be disappointed. It is as pure and as real as it gets. There is nothing in it designed to appease to todays standards. It is what it wants to be and that is magical.

Ignore the critics bashing it. Most of us magGites recognize this is a sign of a good film, but I felt it right to give some praise where it’s needed.

The cinematography, acting, score, theme and all else are top notch. Magnet deserves accolades for releasing this beast. They support the off beat and the ones trying to say something else. They’re supporting the resurgence of the anthology as well, having already picked up V/H/S and ABC’s of Death. We can only hope they’ll possibly find the love for some other projects within grasp…

Check for your closest theater HERE.

Do whatever it takes to see it in the theater. It is an experience you will not forget…

Salute to Magnet. You give hope in distribution.

Salute to Panos Cosmatos for his directorial debut. One hell of a way to make your mark man. May you have a career of unending dreams and ambitions.

Congratulations. I have been swallowed by the Black Rainbow…

Panos Cosmatos