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Mother of Tears

33 years ago acclaimed Italian filmmaker Dario Argento, released his fourth—and arguably his best film, “Suspiria”. Three years later, the semi-sequel, “Inferno”, was released and a full-blown trilogy was underway. After almost thirty years of anticipation, the third and final chapter in Argento”s “Three Mothers” trilogy has finally arrived. In comparison to its predecessors, “Mother […]


Interview with Matt Drake & Ben Carter of U.K. Thrashers EVILE – Laceration Lacey: How did you guys start making Metal? Ben: It was a long drawn-out process really. We went to school together and were both listening to the same bands and decided to put two and two together to eventually make four and […]

The Children

There’s nothing like creepy kids wreaking havoc upon their parents during the Christmas season to really invoke some holiday spirit. The Children is—without a doubt—one of the most downright disturbing and effective films brought to us by the newly primmed and polished version of Ghost House Pictures, Ghost House Underground. One of the first to […]


Deadgirl is an unconventional cumming of age tale which paints a grotesquely surreal portrait of the events that unfold upon two bored teenaged delinquents, upon having their hay-day turned hormonally horrific by the discovery of a dead-sexy girl chained up and sealed in plastic in the basement of an abandoned asylum. They both embark on […]


Pontypool really does “Change Everything”—as the screen-adapted version of Tony Burgess’s acclaimed novel brings the run-of-the-mill horror film junkie something totally fresh and almost entirely original to wrap their demented little minds around. Pontypool will have you feeling more than just a little uneasy and a bit skeptical of everything you were ever taught in […]


In regards to Ryan Daley’s ( comment about how everyone experiences Italian horror for the first time with one particular director, Dario Argento holds a special place in my heart for being the first glimmer of magic that I noticed when opening my eyes to this wonderful world of terrible acting, stunning visuals, and a […]