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The Fly

If there’s anything I’ve learned from world news, high school and film, it’s that Science is the enemy. It’s asked questions that drive people insane, robbed me of precious adolescent nothing-time and, in the case of this film, destroyed lives. Herein lies the world of Cronenberg, the filmic equivalent of a mad scientist. A deranged […]

Slime City

I’ve heard the term “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” all my life. While I’ve always figured they were specifically talking about New York City, after seeing this, I now fully believe they were referring to SLIME City. Slime City is the debut feature of independent filmmaker-turned author Gregory Lamberson, […]

Street Trash

Without a doubt in my mind, I am a dirty person. I enjoy dirty jokes, and things that some may find offensive, crude, and even indecent. So it occurred to me upon first viewing this film that it seemed to be tailor-made for me, the grimiest movie ever made. Everything I love in a movie […]