Army Of Darkness


I’ve always wanted to do this. Ever since my first watching of Evil Dead 2 as a boy I’ve hardly gone a single day without remembering something from the series, and so I feel strongly compelled to write about how much I love this movie, which I have seen in excess of a hundred times (which isn’t as many times as I’ve watched the second one).


Okay, so the Ash’s progression from a timid, scared college kid to a wise-cracking badass has come to its conclusion. At the end of Evil Dead 2 we see him attaching a chainsaw to his hand, saying Let’s go! before getting into a fight with Henrietta in the cellar… Badass. Now, all he ever does is cuss and make fun of everyone around him. This becomes one of the movie’s best scenes, where Ash replies to Henry’s claim of being Duke of Shale, ruler of the Northland and leader of its people with “Well, hello Mr Fancypants.” His idea of himself as being the smartest person in the room coupled with the fact that he continuously acts stupid makes him, in my humble opinion, the greatest character that horror cinema has had the pleasure of hosting.


Sam Raimi was, for the longest time, my favourite director, largely for his work on this trilogy as well as Dark Man, which is a movie you don’t hear much about but is actually pretty good. His work in this film is incredible. His love for 45 degree angles does nothing if not add to the weirdness of the movie. And it is that… Weird. Ash is stuck in the middle ages after getting sent through a time portal in the last one, trying to stop the thing in the woods. One of his hands is a chainsaw. His double-barrel shotgun has, fortunately for him, the Unlimited Ammo Cheat on, thankfully being able to fire four times (check out the scene where the possessed lady holds up the cauldron and yells at him) before he has to reload. Now, that’s convenience.

Now, this movie could have really sucked. It’s not even a horror movie, really… It’s like an adventure/comedy of sorts, I suppose, but it’s pulled off so well, and the end sequence with the skeletons is really impressive for such a low budget. Raimi is a consistently creative director, whose work on Spider-Man, I might add, will be missed. I’ve shown this movie to every girlfriend I’ve ever had. I don’t let my friends do anything else but watch this if I’ve found out they haven’t seen it. It’s the Greatest Film of All Time. Watch it. Now.