A Requiem For the magGots

Requiem live!

Below is the first of the magGot Clan to chime in on the Opening the Mind journey. Without this crucial crossroads it may have forever been left in limbo. Creepies n’ Crawlies here is the master behind the aural assault Requiem, David Graham:


“In 2002 my good friend Michael Todd Schneider started writing a film entitled “Opening the Mind”. Since then, Michael has made many features and short films that I have worked on to varying degrees, however he shot and filmed the majority of “Opening the Mind” before we ever met. The 80 (!) tapes that held the footage were thought to be unplayable. Michael tested many cameras and decks, but nothing would work. I don’t remember exactly when he told me about this debacle, but when I heard, I told him he should try my camera. He didn’t even know I had one of these cameras. I bought one a long time ago thinking I would use it all the time, but it barely got used. This would end up being my biggest contribution to this film, because my camera magically played all of the tapes, and Michael was now able to painstakingly capture all of the footage and start editing the movie.

This film is the end of an era and not only “Opens the Mind” but opens the door to the next chapter of his career.

17 years later the slate has been wiped clean!!!

The trailer features spoken word from the one and only Bryan Lewis Saunders and has cameos from major key magGot players and supporters from over the years. Time to get weird.“ – David Graham, November 5, 2019

David on left, magGot on the right. Bryan Lewis Saunders dead center.

The world works in mysterious ways. We knew of one another. Ran amongst the same peeps. But weren’t meant to connect till it was meant to be. Never lose sight. Never forget the crossroads that lead to what makes the story of our life. Of our work. Our art. Whatever legacy that may be. It is ours. Thank you my friend!…