Triple Threat …And Then I Helped Premiere.

To celebrate our triple threat, we’re launching the first interview for The Larval Lounge. Hit the link to dig in:

The Larval Lounge #1 Jesus magGot interviews Hank Braxtan…


Artwork by Nikki magGot.

1)Rue Morgue Magazine’s Festival of Fear convention in Toronto will premiere:

“…AND THEN I HELPED presented by THE GORE-MET and MICHAEL TODD SCHNEIDER. Sunday August 29th, 2010 2 pm Room 206A. Pretty young Sydney and her 80-year-old roommate Mr. Ben share a rustic log cabin and a very dark desire. An intense, psycho-delic head trip by MICHAEL TODD SCHNEIDER, in attendence with NIKKI MCINTYRE (Sydney) and select crew members.”

2) magGot will be hosting a magGot Film musical showcase. Red Bastard Brewery and Requiem, (two of the musical beings behind scoring …And Then I helped) will take the stage. Special guests Cop Shades will jam up the mix. Live at the Bovine Sex Club starting at 9pm, August 27th… During the weekend of the Festival of Fear.

The official Facebook event listing:


3) Also happening at the Festival of Fear:


Sunday 5-6pm Room 103A

Independent filmmakers FRED VOGEL (August Undergound), GREGORY LAMBERSON (Slime City Massacre), BILL ZEBUB (Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist)and Michael Todd Schneider (My Crepitus) discuss extreme cinema and the state of the underground. Hosted by Rue Morgue columnist the GORE-MET!”

See you fellow magGotonians at the Festival of Fear!