Portrait of Nathan T. King by Rachel Dawn Renaudin. Based on his solo musical project:  Crowbra.

Portrait of Nathan T. King by Rachel Dawn Renaudin. Based on his solo musical project: Crowbra. Click to explore her website.

When I moved away to art school it wasn’t all that far away from my home town. Two to three hours away… but I buried myself in school for six straight months before I even came up for air. It was an obsession. On average I slept one to three hours a day and there were plenty of times I went several days with no sleep. I weighed 185 pounds when I started and by the end of this six months, 120. Not till years later did I realize I looked like a post card for starving children in some far off land.


That being said, home seemed like it may as well have been on the other side of the world. Though there was a major relief when I found out my good buddy Tom Colbert and company at Bloody Fun Pictures were finishing up our first major movie, The Kranny. It was equally inspiring to know things were still chomping along back home. Eric James had become a large part of the family at the time as well and was on board finishing the film. He would soon become a huge part of My Crepitus and all else we would ever do.   But there was this other being that I kept getting ear of. It was as if I was hearing stories of myself, in some sort of strange Twighlight Zone kind of way. There was this young up and coming artist who was dabbling with music, film and all things art related. He had also grown up in Tom’s comic and collectible store (TC’s Collectibles).

Zombie Nathan

A young Nate… dabbling with Dick Smiths highly influential book…

…this ‘being’ was none other then Nathan T. King. We met a few times through the years, but never had the opportunity to truly connect until years later. I think it was just too much for both of us to face meeting another interpretation of ourselves. It was truly surreal to say the least. I mean, we are from Titusville, Pennsylvania. This is not a huge town. It’s heydays are long over, when it was a flourishing oil town (it is famed for the birth of the oil industry by Colonel Edwin Drake…)


Though… Now that time has passed, my interest in industrial sounds and places is obviously routed in my hometown. Drake Well has a park and museum, complete with all the original oil rigs throughout the grounds. In the Summer time they run them. I always loved the great grinding sounds they produced. Our families would have cookouts there all the time.


Secondly, TC’s Collectibles was enormously inspiring. It was the core for an artistic minded individual. It could’ve been anywhere… it was a channel to your dreams and inspired you to follow your own path.

Drumming with Taste the Steel.

Drumming with Taste the Steel.

Both of these were key influences the town offered. These influenced both of us several years apart. We also each had unique upbringings as well.


When I created the first incarnation of Our Devil’s Night for DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!! (The anthology)… I contacted everyone I knew musician wise. It was an all call for music of all types. Since the film has a Halloween back drop, I hoped to put together the ultimate holiday music mix. Everyone’s own interpretation of a Halloween song… as well as much for the straight score. This was the first time Nathan and I were to do something on a collaborative level.   He gladly sent me several tracks. Many of which were used. We exchanged a few brief messages… but that was all for now.


Years later… One of my closest friends I grew up with (Drew Hummel) had finally moved back north. He was living in our home town once again and had since become very close to Nathan. They asked to crash at my place so they could check out a metal show in town.

Nate discovering his black metal roots...

Nate discovering his black metal roots…

When they got here after the metal show, I had been battling a terrible headache. Was looking forward to seeing them, but didn’t expect much to come of it. Next thing you know the sun was rising and we had spent the night like teenage geeks ranting about every form of art known to man… Drew kicked back like a mastermind grinning with joy. He just knew Nathan and I were meant to properly connect. It’s amazing how the best friendships will sometimes gestate for several years before they’re meant to truly bloom.


A few months later I was pulling together crew to expand Our Devil’s Night into it’s own full blown feature. It was five years past the original film and an entirely new production came from it. From the moment Nathan and I shot our first shot, there was an instant trust and insane chemistry that generally takes forever to establish. I was digging deep into my acting chops to try to honor my deer and departed friend/mentor Mr Ben through the final two thirds of shooting/editing the film… and having the chance to shoot some of that with Nathan was incredible.

Somewhere during this pivotal time frame, Nathan started recording his first all out solo project. A punk spirited, black metal, industrial hybrid entitled: Crowbra. The LP kicked off officially on Saturday. Make sure to dig in and give it a listen. Support this truly intense and original experience… HERE. Jump onto the official Facebook HERE.


Now that we’re ‘totally gay’ for one another… I can officially welcome Nathan T. King to the magGot Family. I can’t imagine magGot Films without him… yet we’ve just begun… Give a gander at his uncensored BIO before it gets edited… HERE!

magGot, Nate, Allana Sleeth and Skeeter rock Cinema Wasteland...

magGot, Nate, Allana Sleeth and Skeeter rock Cinema Wasteland…